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Falcon Fest
 Fact Sheet

Initial Event Date:10/88
Venue: Football Tailgate
(Children Welcome)
Next Event Date: 11/23/03
Total Tickets: Approx. 25
Package Cost: $40/per
Co-Sponsors: Fred Terry & Sons

See you in 2004!!


Complete Package includes ticket to game and entertainment option 
 $46 ea via PayPal
 $43 ea via check

Entertainment Option
         $17 ea.


What's The 
"Package" Include

Falcon Fest package includes ticket to game, pre-game buffet of wings, bar-b-q'ed and boiled shrimp, chips, dips, adult and children's beverages AND post-game buffet of ham sandwiches, pasta salads and soft drinks!!

"This is a great deal at twice the price"  Doug Lifton - world reknown tightwad


Trivia Corner
Falcon Fest 2000 Included a group of 27 Buccaneer tailgaters  who drove up from the Tampa Bay Area!!  
Kind of like a "foreign-exchange" program!!



Mike's Quick Question
What team did the Falcons most emulate in 2002
  49ers 75% 116
  J'cksnvil 19% 32
  Tampa 5% 7
  Don't Care 21% 39
Total Votes 194




2004 Falcon Fest Date Chosen
Atlanta vs. Arizona
September 26th, 2004

Game Time: 1:00


scenes from Falcon Fest 2001

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See you soon!!

Tailgate Location Map
(click on picture for full size)