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Men's Night Out
 Fact Sheet
Initial Event Date: 3/95
Venue: Hockey Bus Trip
(Men Only)
Next Event Date: Feb 9, 2008
Total Tickets: 64
Package Cost: $55



Who Went In 2002?

Men's Night Factoid




This Years Bus Driver




MNO 2008 Plans Set
Saturday, Feb 9th, 7:05 PM
1st Place Thrashers 
Tampa Bay Lightning 

Bus Departs at 5:15 PM!!

NOTE: TWO Pick-up Locations

1st PICKUP 5:15
NEW!! - Jeffrey's Bar and Grille (corner of Jones Bridge and Abbots Bridge)

2nd PICKUP 5:30
NEW!! Krystal Parking Lot (at Peachtree Parkway and Holcolmb Bridge Rd.)

Get Whisked Away in Style For The Game

Bring Your Bucks!

American Coach will be transporting the gang to the Phillips Arena in luxury once again this year.  The bus will be "setup" a little different this year to accommodate a more festive occasion,  Restrooms, video monitors and business class seating... all for your enjoyment!!

Departs at 5:15pm


The action will be fast and furious for those who like to "take a chance".  From the time you step on the bus until the last goal is scored you can cash in!!  Tire Roulette, White Board Horse Racing and Clock Cash could put you in the money.  Bring plenty of dollar bills


 February 2007 Wrap Up

Section 204 

Attendees: 47
Aggregate Hours of Fun: 280

8 Winners pocketed over $360 in a variety of "chance" games.  
Arguably (if not in a Luxury Box) the best section at Phillips Arena.  Headline Bar with adult beverages and tasty cuisine is a mere 5 paces from your seats.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the bus have beverages?
Although not included in the $55 package price, the management team at VFS&E will provide refreshments.

Q: My church frowns on gambling, can you curtail this activity?
A: Have you ever heard of Art Schlichter?!

Q: What time will the bus leave after the game?
20 minutes after the final buzzer

Q: My wife is picking me up at Jeffrey's, what time will we be back?
Approx. 10:45

Q: I've never been to Jeffrey's...where is it?
North Fulton at the intersection of Jones Bridge Rd. and Abbots Bridge Rd.

Thanks for joining us!!