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Braves Family Outing
 Fact Sheet
Initial Event Date: 5/92
Venue: Tailgate Picnic Cuisine 
(Children mandatory)
Next Event Date: 5/10/2003
Total Tickets: TBD
Package Cost:





Standard Fare For  Braves Family Outing!!

Some things never change!  Braves Family Outing will feature the standard picnic cuisine of hotdogs, burgers, pasta salad, potato salad, baked beans, chips and adult and children's beverages.  One price covers a ticket!!



2003 Outing Date
Saturday, May 10, 2003

Braves vs. Giants - 7:05 pm



Ticket Availability and Pricing for 2003 Outing Coming Soon!!



Rocker Makes Appearance at VFSE Braves Outing in 2000




1999 Snapshots
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Braves_99_1.jpg (50649 bytes)

Braves_99_4.jpg (42559 bytes)

Braves_99_6.jpg (37346 bytes)

Braves_99_7.jpg (59043 bytes)



VF&SE  pulled out all the stops last year  and  secured an appearance from Braves ace closer, John Rocker.  Rocker became available after his previously scheduled afternoon keynote speech for the NAACP was mysteriously cancelled. "I have no freakin' idea why", said Rocker, "I guess a request from a silly Belgium like yourself is just as good!".  

John's appearance  followed his gig as MC of the Atlanta Korean Driving School Coalition.  Driving School spokesman, Hwan Sil We Honke, said "he ruz reary rantastic"


Braves_99_2.jpg (158934 bytes)

Braves_99_3.jpg (53646 bytes)

Braves_99_5.jpg (42096 bytes)

 Picnic Location...."X" Marks the Spot!